About the Shop.

Using vintage and salvaged treasures is one of the current trends in home decorating, and for good reason. Rescued pieces bring character to a space and are an eco-friendly means of using what exists in a new and creative way. When you collect over time every piece has a story and your home becomes a unique expression of you. At Reclamation we have what you need to tell your individual story. Each item we sell is handpicked for quality, beauty, and the ability to transition into different decorating styles--always at low prices. We love sharing our great finds. There's nothing that makes us happier than seeing our customers as excited as we are about a piece with a perfectly aged patina, chipped paint, and just the right amount of rust to satisfy. Or listening to stories about how an item brings back happy memories of someone in a customer's family. At our brick and mortar shop you'll find a curated sampling of vintage, antiques, primitive, glassware, collectibles, ephemera, art, books, and curiosities beautifully displayed and very affordably priced. This online shop is a means to share our happy place with everyone.

About Us

After 30 years in an allied health profession, shop owner Elyse Rowley made the decision that it was time to go in a different direction. Building on her love of things with a history, and her strong belief that we should not become a culture of "disposables", in 2011 the idea for Reclamation was born. Over time Elyse was joined by Vicki, Brenda, Tiana, Kristi and Susan, vendors who grew into family and who have a shared vision for the shop. That vision is the goal to keep their home decor unique and affordable. Together they have made Reclamation a warm and inviting space that is always stocked with treasures. Each woman's personal touch has made the end result a lovely mix of everything from Boho to primitive.